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need some help.

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Some of you guys are gonna have to buy an AK 223. I have nobody to BS with over in the AK forum. These cheap Romanian SAR3's are pretty good blasters and magazines are cheap. The last ones I picked up were $316.00 out the door. Accuracy seems to be a slight bit better than the Mini so far and they gobble the steel case Russian ammo up.
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What would be better is if our 2 anti-gun senators and governor were voted out of office. Kalifornians are so-o-o liberal and so-o-o stupid. They can't balance a checkbook and neither can our stupid state government. I'd like for all of you out there in internet land to watch what happens when a 48% majority of liberals vs. a 43% minority of conservatives manages to turn the 7th largest economy in the world into the 8th, then the 9th, and then the 10th.

History is being made out here.

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