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need some help.

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Some of you guys are gonna have to buy an AK 223. I have nobody to BS with over in the AK forum. These cheap Romanian SAR3's are pretty good blasters and magazines are cheap. The last ones I picked up were $316.00 out the door. Accuracy seems to be a slight bit better than the Mini so far and they gobble the steel case Russian ammo up.
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Yep. Chromed chamber and bore. They've ate every thing I've put in them. From 40gr. varmint to 62gr. Wolf.Though with certain milsurp ammo they throw a huge fireball out the muzzle. Their not near as nicely finished as some rifles but they do function well. You can still pick up the East German 5.45X39 74 Bakelite mags for $5.00ea. and convert them to 223 with a dremel. They'll feed about 15-20 rounds reliably, they'll feed 30 if you install the U.S made Robinson followes.It's a minor alteration and takes about 3 minutes a mag. Also they still feed the 5.45X39 in the SAR2 if you have one, so 1 mag takes care of 2 rifles. Or you can get the 4 mag set of steel East German Weigers from Inter Ordnance for $60.00 and your ready to roll. They come with the siderail mount for quick disconnect scope mounting.
seems as though nobody likes the little SAR3. Kinda like an ugly duckling I guess.
Ivanimal I feel for you guys out there. Well you guys can still own the Springfield M1 A and the Mini 14. Better that than slingshots.
Awhile back I read a good article on conservative Californians moving to Idaho in the last 5yrs. I could'nt believe how many moved there it was a large number. They stated there was an area in Idaho that was building up in the Tech. field with computer stuff. It was an interesting read.
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