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need some help.

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Some of you guys are gonna have to buy an AK 223. I have nobody to BS with over in the AK forum. These cheap Romanian SAR3's are pretty good blasters and magazines are cheap. The last ones I picked up were $316.00 out the door. Accuracy seems to be a slight bit better than the Mini so far and they gobble the steel case Russian ammo up.
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FWIW, this BBS is hosted at a colocation ISP in El Dorado County, CA.

El Dorado County is a conservative, mostly rural county that stretches between the edge of Sacramento County and Lake Tahoe/Nevada. It is the home of the Gold Rush, and the county seat, Placerville, is also known as Hangtown, after swift justice was given to a couple of horse thieves (if I recall correctly) who were summarily hanged from a tree in town in the 1800's.

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