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Need Examples For City Council Speech

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The EXTREMLY anti-gun police chief and the "still lives at home with mommy" mayor of Lincoln,NE got together and drew up a proposal for a city ordnance. It would ban firearms ownership by persons with any of the following misdemeaners: stalking,
violation of a protection order,
criminal child enticement,
impersonating a police officer,
concealing the death of another person,
second degree false imprisionment,
third degree sexual assault,
first degree criminal trespass,
debauching a minor,
resisting arrest,
obstructing a peace officer,
carrying a concealed weapon,
unlawful possession of explosives,
used of explosives without a permit,
obstructing government operations,
criminal attempt (when the crime attempted is a felony or one of the listed misdemeanors),
introducing contraband or escape implements,
furnishing minors with firearms, ammunition or weapons,
unlawful discharge of firearms.

Well, I have to admit that on the surface, its seems that maybe people convicted of most the following misdemeanors should probably not own weapons. However, local gun restrictions are always a bad idea, because it makes it much more difficult to be aware of all the regulations and laws pertaining to firearms. This should be a state issue, not a local one. Then again, if these violations are so critical as to ban ownership of firearms, they should be made felonies, not misdemeanors.

There are a couple misdemeanors that I feel should not be on the the list. Anyway, here is the info, its up to one to make their own opinion on it.

What I need is some examples of ways of getting any of those charges without it being in a violent way. I've thought of several,but if anyone has other ideas I'll use them. The public forum on this matter is on Mon night.


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I would first check and see if your state has a firearms preemption law that forbids local governments from enacting gun laws. If so they could not enact such a law as it would violate state law. The purpose is to stop every town from having its own hodgepodge gun laws.

As for the list you provide it is clear that very few cops or politicians would be able to have guns in your town if passed.
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