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Need Examples For City Council Speech

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The EXTREMLY anti-gun police chief and the "still lives at home with mommy" mayor of Lincoln,NE got together and drew up a proposal for a city ordnance. It would ban firearms ownership by persons with any of the following misdemeaners: stalking,
violation of a protection order,
criminal child enticement,
impersonating a police officer,
concealing the death of another person,
second degree false imprisionment,
third degree sexual assault,
first degree criminal trespass,
debauching a minor,
resisting arrest,
obstructing a peace officer,
carrying a concealed weapon,
unlawful possession of explosives,
used of explosives without a permit,
obstructing government operations,
criminal attempt (when the crime attempted is a felony or one of the listed misdemeanors),
introducing contraband or escape implements,
furnishing minors with firearms, ammunition or weapons,
unlawful discharge of firearms.

Well, I have to admit that on the surface, its seems that maybe people convicted of most the following misdemeanors should probably not own weapons. However, local gun restrictions are always a bad idea, because it makes it much more difficult to be aware of all the regulations and laws pertaining to firearms. This should be a state issue, not a local one. Then again, if these violations are so critical as to ban ownership of firearms, they should be made felonies, not misdemeanors.

There are a couple misdemeanors that I feel should not be on the the list. Anyway, here is the info, its up to one to make their own opinion on it.

What I need is some examples of ways of getting any of those charges without it being in a violent way. I've thought of several,but if anyone has other ideas I'll use them. The public forum on this matter is on Mon night.


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I would agree with Geno on this one.

In your state already has laws concerning this, or if Federal Laws are in conflict with anything that they come up with:

The GREATER alway supersedes the lower.

This may take a little studying on your part.
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