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After Tuesdays election, I have decided if I am going to own an AR-15 class rifle, I had better get on the stick and order it. I am a big S&W fan, and I like the looks of their M&P 5.56mm with a 30-round magazine. I am aware that "which AR-15 should I buy" is a *huge* can of worms, and I'm not interested in debating that right now, I just want some specific help with this particular rifle.

Here's the deal: when I go to KYGunCO (just using their "Search" function for this example) and do a search for S&W M&P 5.56 mm rifle, I get a ton of results. Even if I add "under $1000" to the search, I still get 7 different configurations (models ?) ranging in price from $650 to $980. I would be willing to pay $600-700. Can you folks help me grasp what is the difference in all these models ? What do I *not* get if I buy the $650 model instead of the $980 model ?

Hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance !!!

Mike Acord
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