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Hey guys,

I have a, what I consider to be, very nice Weatherby Vanguard Series II Sporter (Blued + Walnut Stock). It's got a leather sling and a Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40 on Leupold Low Rifleman Scope Rings. It's been a pretty good rifle so far with 1 exception. I get a really crummy cheek weld even though it has a "Monte Carlo" stock. It lines up perfectly if the rifle had irons... but it doesn't. If I want to use the Scope (which of course I do) I have to sacrifice my cheek weld.

Obviously, the solutions are: 1.) a new stock, 2.) a check pad/riser. I'm leaning toward option 2 for price. I'd like a Cheek Pad made of Leather to go with the stylings of the rifle but they seem to be few and far between. The only ones I could find with an internet search were the Cabela's Triple K (with mediocre reviews) and this company called Cheek-N-Stock.
Triple K Leather Cheek Pad : Cabela's
Welcome to Cheek-n-Stock - Recoil Cushioning Cheek Pad for Shooters

Does anyone have experience with the Cheek-N-Weld or recommendations for a nice Leather Riser?

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