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I have been disgusted with the currently available slings. I am using
a non-folding folder, which doesnt help. Necessity is a mother, so..

I took 2 standard SKS slings, cut off one end of each, and joined
them together, looping the free ends through one of the metal loops
I took off, and then back through the adjusters. Maybe that is not
what they are called, nor is this necessarily the best way, but you
get the idea; make on long sling.

I adjusted this to the minimum length that would allow me to
shoulder the rifle from a tactical carry, with the sling around my
neck, over my left shoulder (I'm right handed). The sling also comes
up on the left side of the rifle from the pistol grip.

Then, I pulled a loop up from the pistol grip on the right side of the
stock, until I got it to the correct tactical carry length. then I marked
the spots where the sling overlaps itself at the top and bottom of the
loops. there I installed snaps.

When the snaps are closed, I can carry it across my back, muzzle
down, and swing it up to the tactical position. the sling is supporting
the pistol grip from the right side of the stock, supply a
counter-clockwise force, keeping it against my torso instead of
falling away. A sharp yank downward, and the snaps open up, the
loops drop down and away from the right side of the stock allowing
me to easily shoulder the rifle.

It sounds complicated, but is not. If anyone is interested, I'll draw
up a little bmp and e-mail it, or post it if I can figure out how.
Improvements are very welcome.

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I've only had my Mini for a few days now. I've been looking into slings and which one was best suited for it. I didn't really like the AR15 style sling so I am using one of my Garand slings. It requires that you cut the end of the belt off because it will not go through the factory sling rings but once this is done it fits nicely. It is stiff enough and doesnt stretch like the modern nylon ones do. The olive drab looks pretty cool with the black synthetic stock too.
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