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I moved here to the Missouri Ozarks 2 1/2 months ago from Kansas City after buying this house a year ago. I've been looking for Tru Oil to refinish a stock that is on a gun I bought at a gun show 2 weeks ago. WalMart quit selling it locally as has every LGS I stopped at on a recent trip to KC. I guess its running out of favor due to synthetic stocks and birch. While picking up a package at the post office I asked the clerk if there was any gun shops in town. He directed me a few blocks away to a "gun and pawn". Its down an alley which opened into an open field. There before me was a ramshackled building with a couple of junk cars in the yard, old worn out looking weed eaters hanging on the porch and just literal junk strewn about.

Opening the door was a whole different deal. Long guns and safes lined every wall with showcases full of hand guns of every description and a stock of ammo I've not seen in one location for many months. The man behind the counter spoke with a heavy "ozark" accent and friendly. He didn't have any Tru Oil for the reasons described above but offered to order some for me.... something no other place I've looked as offered to do.

I think I've found a new home
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