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+1 on the Amega or UltiMak. The standard Mini is going to eject upward more than outward and this will leave the ejection "port" wide open and keep you running during rapid fire. Lightly sand and degrease thoroughly the stock before using a quality paint if you want it to stick. If you want better irons look to TechSights and XS Sight Sysytems, both make excellent parts. If you decide to add a sling to the stock install a swivel on the side of the forend and the pistol grip won't dig into your backside when carrying, and won't influence the POA/POI as much as the gas block sling mount when used with the Choate stock.

If you haven't already, go to my website and view the videos for the Mini14 and give the bolt a good cleaning and scrub up the other parts you have to take apart to get to. It shoots well, yes, but after 27 years greases and oils get very gummy - might as well start your adventure fresh and clean.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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