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I'll overlook this one transgression but don't let it happen again OK?
actually I would not have one unless down to my 5th place or maybe 6th pick. I would pick an SKS - well built of course - over one but that's for the ease of convert to straight pull bolt action which I've done to my 30. easily reversed to semi auto.
sounds like your 584 is good to go - I swapped the factory rear for Williams peep and ramp much better along with HK style front sight for my 189 series.
I'd like to have time to shoot my 30 more I've been plinking w/my Marlin 9mm and .45 Camp guns and my 10/22 on 6" gong @100ms. lot of fun but I need to practice longer range in case of?? SHTF?? I've got a Holo on my 9mm, good set up for aging eyesight.
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