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My letter to the editor

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Here is my letter to the editor of the local paper after a totally ridiculous editorial printed in Wed's paper.We are trying to get CCW permit law in nebraska, I was trying to convey my message without totally going off!

The editorial "No need to conceal guns in nebraska" is so absurd,it insults the intelligence of it's readers.First of all,are we expected to belive that people involved in drugs are civil-minded enough not to carry a weapon because it's against the law? Some mentally unstable person with a crazy idea is not going to carry out his plan because he does not have the legal right to carry a concealed weapon? And this is what our police believe? I think not! Also,yes, open carry is allowed,but if you cause someone to panic or freak out,you can be cited for disturbing the peace and arrested even while doing this "legal" activity.Here is the unmistakable fact when it comes to CCW,CRIME DROPS DRAMATCALLY! Why? If for no other reason,the bad guy does'nt know if the intended victom is carrying a firearm.All he knows is that it's possible,this is enough to deter alot of criminals.Therefore all citizens benefit.


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only the good citizens need a ccw.the criminals will carry either they think were going to start holding up banks if we get ccw.i found a petition for ccw in wisconsin but not for nebraska maybe you could start can be started at
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