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My first 1911

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Yes, its my first 1911. No, it isn't a Fisher Price. ;)

I purchased a Springfield 1911 in their blackened stainless steel finish. It looks very nice, matte black on the top, bottom, and front with a sort of "smokey mirror" finish on the sides. It came with adjustable night sights, mag well, ambi safety, front and rear slide serrations, adjustable trigger, and a host of other little "custom" goodies. At $750, I couldn't say no.

In addition, I installed the Crimson Trace laser grips, the rubber ones that wrap around the front of the handle. I can't say enough about how nice these grips are and how handy the laser is. The laser helps at the range, as you can see when in the trigger pull you twitch, etc. It also makes it much easier to engage multiple targets quickly, especially if you are moving. Using S&B 230 grain and a varmint rest (I don't own a pistol rest) I was able to get 1" groups at 53' feet while fine tuning the laser.

The pistol had to FTF in the first 60 rounds and has had no problems since, with 290 rounds through it now. It feeds hardball, SXTs, and Hydra-Shocks with no problems either with the 2 7-rounders that came with it or the 8-rounder Wilson Combat I purchased.

I've wanted a 1911 for awhile, and finally had the money to get a nice one. I figured I'd be dissapointed with a bargain basement model. I'm glad I held out.
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beats the hell out of MY first one. My first 1911 was an old Remington Rand GI clunker. I paid $15 too much for it,in 1969. the total was $40, which was 40 hour's pay for me. It came with 10 rds of steel cased ww2 ball. I reloaded each of those cases many times, with a Lee Handloader and bullets I cast on the kitchen stove, in a single cavity lyman mold, when my folks were gone. I hand lubed each bullet, and hand sized them. I was SO glad to get a ($70) Colt .22 unit for it, in 1970, that I've never gotten-over what a big help they are to having real speed shooting and fast draw skills. NO speed safety, terrible sights, a hammer that bit the hell out of my hand, terrible trigger, no feed ramp job, no stippling, no enlarged ejection port, no NUTHIN, basically. by the time I paid a smith to correct even the BASIC shortcomings, I had a month's pay in it.
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