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My DRC Mini-14

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I just received back two of my Mini-14s that DRC customized. The workmanship is awesome! And, the test targets he shot at 50 yards are sub one inch! He said he just used cheap mil surplus for the test. I will take them out this weekend. Man, the trigger on both guns feel awesome.

I will post again after I shoot the gun. Dave at DRC is a pleasure to deal with. I can not recommend him enough.


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Nice Pics Dave. Have you been able to get DRC's web site recently? It's down.
I noticed that too. I just talked to him yesterday. The one bad thing about the muzzlebrake is that the flash is very bad during night shoots. Wolf ammo is beach ball sized flames. Winchester Q3131A is a little bigger than a softball. I wish I would have had him install the flash cone thing too. I am going to try using muffler tape to close the slots on the muzzlebrake. He said he has had people do this to reduce the flash. I will test it in a week with a new Aimpoint ML2 that is on the way.
My brake does the same thing, a ball of flame the size of a Volkswagon LOL
Do you have the blast cone attachment also? Does this reduce muzzleblast?
nope, no cone ... one a those things you live with .. I don't shoot much at night, if I did I would concider making one
Originally posted by Dave3006@Sep 26 2002, 03:20 PM
I understand what you are saying. This attachment is clearly a muzzlebrake because of the exit diameter at the end of the brake. It is just large enough for the bullet to pass through and allows the gas to provide the braking action. DRC converts the flash hider into this brake.

I do everything I can to be legal. Even though the laws are unconstitutional and stupid. I am pretty well informed and can say that I follow the rules 100%. However, it really is going to come to a point someday where all of us will be in violation of some law in this once great state. I know the day is coming soon. I am just not going to worry about it too much.

- College educated, father, husband, Christian, white, conservative, 40 year old male ... a real threat to society (sarcasm).
"I know the day is coming soon. I am just not going to worry about it too much." - Dave

That's why we all own minis right? :D :ar15:
Link dosen't work. Is this guy still around?????
Yes. Dave Clay of DRC is still around and he does excellent work.

I sent in my ranch mini to him for a trigger job, cut and crown with muzzle break late in April and received it a little over a month later.

I too asked him about his website. He told me that he hasn't had the time to get it back up since he's moved his shop recently.

He's moved from Arlington, Texas to Alvarado.

His shop address is now:

DRC Custom Guns
4201 East Renfro Road
Alvarado, Texas 76009

I don't have his phone number off hand. I'd need to look for it in the paper pile.

Again, Dave does reallly nice work. Two thumbs up. Wayyy up.
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Well said dave3006 minis and jiu jitsu there's not a better combo.
Daves the best - but I do like Hadaways work & gundock.
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