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My DRC Mini-14

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I just received back two of my Mini-14s that DRC customized. The workmanship is awesome! And, the test targets he shot at 50 yards are sub one inch! He said he just used cheap mil surplus for the test. I will take them out this weekend. Man, the trigger on both guns feel awesome.

I will post again after I shoot the gun. Dave at DRC is a pleasure to deal with. I can not recommend him enough.


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That is a sweet looking rifle. I have no doubt it will shoot
just as nice as it looks. Man. are you gonna have some
Hey Dave is that your post over at CSP Guntalk regarding the mini-14?
Some of those guys don't have the viperous laws we have out here in
Corruptfornia..They're saying the AR can shoot way better than a mini
and such..Well thanks to SB23 we don't have a choice..Yer rifle
looks great and I knew you'd have fun with it..
Yea I been there about a 1 1/2 yrs. Sometimes they do seem inane with
some of the posts that are written, and I'm probably just as guilty
as the a few, but I DO try and NOT cut anyone or their belongings.
That's my mini that's posted there.

I saw the reply Big John wrote, along with a couple others..Wasn't
called for, I agree. Sorry you had a bad experiance there. Take care.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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