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For various reasons, I have "taught" myself to shoot various rifles either right-handed or left-handed. Most often this depends on where the Op-rod/Charging handle lies.

I find that shooting the Mini-14/-30 is almost ideal for Left-handed shooters; same for the M1, M1A, and the M-1 Carbine. The FAL was set up for right-handed shooters, like it or not. Adapt and Overcome.

This was all brought about with my personal eye issues, since resolved. I was forced to shoot some rifles "lefty-style" and in doing so I discovered that "some" rifles are better and more efficiently shot "lefty-style" than conventional "righty-style".

That said, knowing how to shoot your semi-auto rifle either right-handed or left-handed might be a valuable skill, and worth some practice. It will likely seem difficult at first but be persistent and you might find a whole new world in front of you. I did.

As an adjunct, I take every possible measure to add Ambidextrous features to rifles which lend themselves to doing so. Same reasons.
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