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My 181

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This is my Mini Stainless Ranch 181 I bought recently.I sold my very early Mini long ago and decided the time was right for another.It came with sling and a Lyman All American scope. I figured with the CA laws the way they are I better buy now before I get stuck with the mags I still own from my first Mini.There are not many nice semi auto rifles we can own without a BS registration.
You people in the free states be glad you live there!
Anyone with smaller sized scope recomendations that work well for you would be appreciated.


Gil Reynolds


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Sweet weapon Gil. Man I like that stock. Yer sooo right
bout that bogus sb23 law. I'm working on gettin a CMP
H&R M-1 Garand. I want a pc of WWII or Korea History
before Comrade Davis and Stooges screw us again.
Please VOTE...

"Simon for a return to sanity in Ca, Simon for Gov!"
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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