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muzzlebrake installation

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Just got the mason brake from midway and realized that the front sight is required to make it fit. Is there any way to shim it out so that I do not need to buy a front sight as mine was removed before I purchased the rifle?

Also, I would like to install a pistol grip without losing the wood stock. Has anyone seen this done or atempted it?

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Cajungeo, Thanks for responding.

I used a piece of nylon webbing as a shim to see if it would work. I think that it will do just fine. I am also hoping that the nylon will dampen the harmonics.

I will post a pic later...I ,m on the way out of the door to see how it shoots.
it worked!

I am finally shooting 1" groups at 50 yds. It feels good to put five bullets into a hole the size of a quarter. I dont know if it is all the muzzlebrake or if the nylon web helped that much but I was using the cheapest ammo I could find and shot 160 rds just to make sure that I wasn't dreaming...even after the barrel was hot I was still putting groups of 2"-21/2" at 100 yds.

The front sight was removed when I bought the mini 30 so I took a piece of the same nylon web that I maede the sling out of and wraped the end of the barrel, then I placed the muzzlebrake over and pushed it on tight. Only one time did it come loose but this was fixed with a dot of jb weld and 100 rds later it was doning just fine.

seems kind of wierd but it is proving to be an extremly inexpensive way to accurize a mini.

have a great memorial day

here are some pics:


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