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You will like the 6-18 Nikon on your 700 I just stuck one on my tikka .223 and its a great fit for 300-400 yard shots I went with the nikoplex reticle. I had a 2-7x32 redfield on my mini14 a great fit out to 100yrds for me but with the triggerjob, bedding, adjustable gas block retorqued I wanted to stretch it more so I put a 4-12x40 redfield I had on my tikka on the mini. I losely fired a 4inch 20rd group the other night off a iPod at 200yrds with xm193. I think you will like the 3-9on there for varmint hunting and target shooting its a good fit. I disagree with whoever said a 3-9 limits you to a bench I grew up with a 3-9 on a 10-22 shooting gophers and muscrats freehand and mine along with most peoples deer rifles sport a 3-9 andI haven't seen a benchrest while hunting.
I agree on several points . the 6x18 nikon is great I have the midway exclusive buckmaster with mildot reticle on my howa varmint supreme 223. shooting small varmints almost seems to easy .
as for the 3x9 tying a person to a bench I also disagree . my 458 socom wears a leupold 2x7 and I managed to drop a small buck on the run through a honey suckle thicket at about 25 yds . 3x is plenty low enough magnification for the deer woods.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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