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It's all good that you attached a bipod to the strut and have noticed no adverse effects.
That's far from guaranteed.
The OP asked for opinions regarding this installation, and the fact that it worked for you, doesn't necessarily mean it will work for everyone. Barrel harmonics are that "way"...

You're still missing the point that the strut is attached to the barrel- so anything attached to the strut is also, attached to the barrel insofar as the subject of barrel harmonics is concerned.

The points raised by CQB and Buff are correct and legit. Far as I'm concerned, any and all "barrel mounts" are taboo, be they attached to a strut, or directly to the barrel, and whether they're for a bipod, laser, or tactical light. I'll never use them.

Attaching the bipod to a swivel stud is simple...and avoids the potential for an issue.
I see no reason to take a chance, when there's no reason. My $.02...
Attaching the bipod to a swivel stud, both of which are simple and removable without affecting accuracy. Why make it harder than it is?;) KISS :D
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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