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Overall, I found the Mountain House turkey tetrazzini, equal to beef stew and beef beef stroganoff.

Sodium content - if you eat half the pouch that is 780 mg. If you eat the whole pouch that is 1,560 mg of sodium.

For someone with high blood pressure or heart disease, that is a full days recommended daily allowance of sodium.

Portion size - Take beef stroganoff with noodles for example. the net weight of that pouch is 2 ounces.

Turkey tetrazzini is 4.27 ounces.

It seems like the Mountain House portion sizing is a little off.

I had spent two and a half hours on the trail and was rather hungry. I ended up eating almost the whole pouch.

I will be adding this one to my preps.

See the full write up here - Mountain House Turkey Tetrazzini Review
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