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I moved from the Bay Area six months ago (just in time). One of the politico's is sponsoring CA legislation which will regulate ammo sales - in a *very* scary way, and of course having chased off the last of the conservatives the libs own both houses in CA to make it pass.

If it wasn't so dag scary I would laugh out loud at the quote....

Joined by a coalition of lawmakers, law enforcement officials and community leaders, Skinner, D-Berkeley, said the bill she introduced late last month and co-authored with Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, would also ban clip kits that can convert guns into assault weapons
Read more: Calif. bill would regulate ammunition sales - SFGate

SERIOUSLY? This is a person that professes expertise enough to try and craft a bill related to firearms? I'm going to write from my rental property address in CA and ask him specifically what type of 'clip kit' converts a 'gun' into an assault weapon'

This is so pathetic. The desire to be a politician should automatically ban you from every being one... for life.
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