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I like that mid frame Ruger so much I bought another Saturday.
It is like new, but made around 2011, same as my Flattop.
It is a blued, 7 1/2" New Vaquero in .45 Colt. I swapped the grips around for now.

This being a smaller, lighter mid frame like the Flattop, is very much like the 7 1/2" Colts that the cavalry would have used back in Custer's day. It would have been fine on a horse carried crossdraw as was the custom back then, but a little long to carry walking.
This will be a range gun and plinker for me, and I'll use the shorter Flattop for carrying in the woods.

I got both of them out to the range Saturday and shot some groups, despite the strong winds. The FT was much easier to regulate with the adjustable sights:

The Vaquero was shooting low, not unusual. They come with a tall front sight so you can file it down to where you want it. I was shooting some factory loads until I can order a large quantity of some cast bullets, so I didn't start filing yet.
When I settle on a load, then I'll get it hitting dead center.

I tried the .45 ACP cylinder from the FT Convertible in the new Vaquero, and it's a bit too tight. Oh well, I was hoping that cylinder would work in either gun.
It's nice though that except for the sights, they both share all the same parts.
I'm looking forward to putting a lot of rounds through both.
They are two beauties.:cool:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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