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Modified AR15 mags

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Someone's probably answered this one before, sorry if my question appears stupid. I seem to remember that combo AR15/Mini-14 mags were produced at one time, and considering the ready availability of metal hi-cap AR15 mags, couldn't someone with a mig welder and a drill modify AR15 mags to create workable Mini-14 mags? Would it be legal to do so? If the answer to both questions is yes, someone could satisfy an obviously strong demand for Mini-14 mags with inexpensive mods to reliable magazines.
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I understand the feelings about Mini-14 mags and parts - I felt the same when I bought my first 182 series mini about 1980 and found Ruger only produced 20rd mags for civilian sale. At least you could still get them at that time. I recently passed on an opportunity to buy a preban AR15 sporter (1/12 barrel, no forward assist) in favor of my new ranch rifle, but think I'll have to find the money for the AR as well. I just can't give up on the Mini (this is my third one), it's such a neat little rifle and fits me so well. At least quality, functional 10rd aftermarket mags are apparently available, and that's 2 more rounds than a Garand! And .223 is much less expensive than .30-06, too.
I know factory Ruger 30rd mags have been available to civilians (I own/have owned several), but was unsuccessful during the early '80s ordering anything but 20rd mags from Ruger. I finally obtained my first 30rd from a relative in law enforcement - at the time the mag was not marked LE only. It came with his issued AC556. I'll be looking for some of the mags discussed in these threads as my experience with aftermarket stuff involves mostly no name types with inconsistent functionality, which is all that I seem to run in to now at gun shows in East Texas, Dallas, and Austin. Believe me, I appreciate access to all the feedback from people who've used various brands of mags and their experiences with vendors across the country.
I totally agree that mag deals can be found where you least expect them - keep looking, the Ruger 30rd I picked up recently was used (barely) for $80 at a HUGE gun store in Houston. I went in just to waste time (in town for business) and ended up finding it after digging through a tote bin of no-name a/m mags. Although the store had correctly id'ed it as a Ruger mag, they said it just came in and were'nt aware of how much it could go for. Pawn shops and smaller gun shops are ideal places to look. Also, I just viewed the mag gallery - am blown away (no pun) by the effort you guys went to. It's easy enough to id Ruger mags, I guess we'll all have to get better at the quality a/m ones too.
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