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Modified AR15 mags

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Someone's probably answered this one before, sorry if my question appears stupid. I seem to remember that combo AR15/Mini-14 mags were produced at one time, and considering the ready availability of metal hi-cap AR15 mags, couldn't someone with a mig welder and a drill modify AR15 mags to create workable Mini-14 mags? Would it be legal to do so? If the answer to both questions is yes, someone could satisfy an obviously strong demand for Mini-14 mags with inexpensive mods to reliable magazines.
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Too bad Ruger didn't design the Mini-14 to accept AR mags to begin with. Must have been a way for them to make a few extra bucks because the AR-15 had been in production for a number of years before the Mini came out. Just think, the Mini would be a much better gun today if you could find decent mags for it without having to spend an arm and a leg. I love Ruger products for their reliability but I admit I am also a bit bitter at them over such things as mags and spare parts. Just recently, I bought 2 PMI 30 rounders for the Mini and 5 GI 30 rounders for the AR. I paid about the same on each purchase. That put me to thinking and I have almost decided to transition over to a Bushy M4 for a SHTF rifle. I can live with the accuracy shortcomings of the Mini but mags and spare parts issues are almost becoming too much.

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