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Modified AR15 mags

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Someone's probably answered this one before, sorry if my question appears stupid. I seem to remember that combo AR15/Mini-14 mags were produced at one time, and considering the ready availability of metal hi-cap AR15 mags, couldn't someone with a mig welder and a drill modify AR15 mags to create workable Mini-14 mags? Would it be legal to do so? If the answer to both questions is yes, someone could satisfy an obviously strong demand for Mini-14 mags with inexpensive mods to reliable magazines.
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Originally posted by Stu
I understand the feelings about Mini-14 mags and parts - I felt the same when I bought my first 182 series mini about 1980 and found Ruger only produced 20rd mags for civilian sale.
???? Ruger produced 30 rounders too, for civi's. Also, quality 30 rounder aftermarkets are available. Check out the posts here. You can get them, unless you live in CA, of course.
I hear ya. The only input on that matter I have is that the Masen preban 30's are the best I've seen for aftermarket. The magazine gallery should help everyone to identify the Masen's at gunshows, pawn shops, etc. I've had pretty good luck going to Military Surplus stores, especially in larger cities. Everytime I go to Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, Memphis, wherever, I look for more surplus stores. Commonly, pawn shops have no clue as to the value of some things. If you ID a 30 rnd Ruger mag, it might be stickered at $20!

Then again, I've seen a used plain-jane Mini-14 blue at a pawn stickered at $680! I just chuckled, and the guy said "What?"

I told him he was about $200-220 high. He wouldn't budge on the price, even though I wouldn't have bought it anyway. :p
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