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Modified AR15 mags

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Someone's probably answered this one before, sorry if my question appears stupid. I seem to remember that combo AR15/Mini-14 mags were produced at one time, and considering the ready availability of metal hi-cap AR15 mags, couldn't someone with a mig welder and a drill modify AR15 mags to create workable Mini-14 mags? Would it be legal to do so? If the answer to both questions is yes, someone could satisfy an obviously strong demand for Mini-14 mags with inexpensive mods to reliable magazines.
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I think to much material would have to be removed from the front of the mini 14 reciever for an AR15 magazine to work. Mini 14 mags are narrower than a AR15 magazine at the front. The Ramline comb mags resemble a Mini14 mag more than a AR.
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