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I just bought a mini 30...and now Im being told of the .223 (mini14) superiority over the 7.62x39(mini30) as far as accuracy. I understand the heavier round will not be as accurate at distances over 100yds...but is there really that much trade off when you move up to a you think the muzzle velocity lost with the 7.62 is afforded by the amount of energy gained when going to the larger bullet ?...Im not looking for the ranch rifle to give me accuracy at 100+ model 7 in 7mm-08 will take care of that....

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The pattern I was getting with my Mini-30 was a little better than my Mini-14. But that may have been due to a lot of factors, including wind, ammo, my lousy aim. The Mini-14 shot 4" groups at 100yds and the Mini-30 shot 3" groups.

One of the benefits of the smaller caliber Mini-14 is that you can pack more rounds into smaller containers and magazines, and they weigh less. ALSO - and this is the main point... I could pull the trigger in rapid succession with the Mini-14 and stay ON TARGET, whereas with the Mini-30, I had to reaim after every shot, wasting valuable time.

In my opinion, I would rather have been the Mini-30 target than the Mini-14 target. Of course, I am glad I was neither.
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