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Nothin has been changed. That said, there is a few that function just fine.
I stock the silver bear 125 SP. I find it just as accurate as any brass I've used, and has functioned flawlessly. Golden bear works fine too, but for my mini it's a little less accurate than the silver. You results may vary.
I've read that many owners have had problems with Wolf that make it to bothersome to even test.
Some have problems with Tula and some don't. I've had less than five fail to fire with it, but its accuracy is lacking. It's ok for plinking fun, but its cost is pennies below silver bear so.. Why? Unless you want to shoot right now and don't have anything but Walmart Tula available.

In short: golden/silver bear for range fun and to fill those 50cal cans. High end brass for hunting. Optional Tula for plinking if you don't want to dip into stocked ammo.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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