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mini14 ranch bolt assy?

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has anyone noticed a hole wearing on there bolt assembly towards the aft end?if so has anyone ordered this from the factory or am i required to send the rifle in?does anyone know where i can get a bolt if, so i dont have to send my rifle to the manufacturer?
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I just looked at the bolt on my Mini-14 Ranch (195 series) and it shows just a little wear there. No hole. I don't anticipate one either, having fired approx 10,000 rounds and seeing what I see...

I also looked at the bolt on my Mini-THIRTY (196 series) and no wear there either. I wonder if it is actually a bolt quality control issue, or if it is actually attributable to wear. Possibly both...

Still, I doubt this would lead to an unsafe condition...
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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