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mini14 ranch bolt assy?

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has anyone noticed a hole wearing on there bolt assembly towards the aft end?if so has anyone ordered this from the factory or am i required to send the rifle in?does anyone know where i can get a bolt if, so i dont have to send my rifle to the manufacturer?
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cajungeo,thx for telling me there is no hole but i think i know what a hole looks like and what wear marks are.yes,the fact of the matter is the bolt does not hit the stop at any point but when it is in the aft position but i know what i see and it is definetly a hole-i'd be more than willing to load a pic on here if i knew how so everyone can see what exactly i'm talking about.
here you go-hope you can make it out.i dont know if this photo is going to work.


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just got off the phone with ruger and of course they said i would have to send the rifle to them for the bolt and they say the turn around time is usually 30 days but i had a bad experience with browning once,they had my rifle for over 7 months.the worse thing that i see happening is the possibility of the firing pin being sheared off at some point but if the wear is watched then i suppose a person could just change the pin.i wonder if i should try and file off some of the stop.
yeh,that sounds like a good ideal and of course the other way is to not let the bolt go back into the locked position.i'll try and file down the stop,let you guys know what the results will probably be about two weeks before i can get to the range.thx for the help folks.
hey rob mine is also a 195 series , just a how long did it take ruger to complete and get the gun back to you?
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