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Mini14 getting there

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My out of the box gun was giving 6-8" 'groups' at 100 yards. The trigger reworked to a nice clean 4# and a muzzle break gets me into the 2-3" 3 shot group range.
Win white box 40 gr Varmits 2", 68gr BH match 2.5, 69g Sierra MK with 24.2g IMR 4895 <2" for 3, but 3.5" for 5.
Hopefully the bedding instructions and gas port kit will arrive from Mike early this week and will get me down <= 2" on both the light and heavy bullets, eliminate the flyers and stop the hike to the brass. My 1-4 VXll doesn't exactly allow me to hold the best, but I want to use the 1x for tactical games for the up close and personnel stuff. 4x should be plenty good for 300yd B27's, so I am not replacing it.
I think that I will throw a party when I get there............. 1.5-2", 40's to 70's.
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Welcome to the forum Oldjad01. Sounds like you are developing a shooter there. The bedding will get rid of the flyers, and tighten your average groups.

My 9" to 1 turn mini, didn't like 69 grn bullets but loves Sierra 63 grn SP 1.15" avg. groups, also the 45 grn Winchester factory's 1 1/12" avg. I couldn't get it to shoot 55 grn very well either (2" groups). I basicly shoot reloads, but also have a low price factory ammo for back up.

I pretty much keep my 3-9x40mm Vari X II on 4x for 100 yd. The accurizing is kinda adictive for me. :D
Fitting the gas block, is lapping the sides a bit so you can gap the gas bolck halves evenly. By gaping, and torqueing the halves evenly some have seen a slight amount of accuracy improvement. If you slug your barrel with a 22 LR bullet you would be able to feel how the gas block compresses the mini's barrel, therefore even gap, and torque at least compresses the barrel evenly, giving better accuracy. I torque mine 24 to 36 in-lbs. Or with a 9/64" allen wrench, tight with even feel, in a criss cross patern, but not so tight as to strip the heads.

Replacing the std gas port bushing reduces felt recoil dramaticly. It will improve accuracy only when rapid firing, as you can keep the sight picture on the bull. I use the largest of the 3 bushings, which is still way smaller than the std bushing.
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It depends on the ammo, and number of rounds ran thru your mini.

Using the Winchester 45 grn varmint (3600 FPS) about 10 ft with the largest of mikes bushings. Also about 10 ft with my 63 grn (3000 FPS) reloads. ABout 40 ft with the factory bushing.

You can use the different sizes to adjust to your ammo. I have heard Wolf ammo is loaded light, and is a low velocity, therefore, the factory bushing may function better in a new rifle using a low velocity ammo. As my rifle ages, I will probably use the med bushing. Mike uses the small one in his.
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