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Mini14 getting there

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My out of the box gun was giving 6-8" 'groups' at 100 yards. The trigger reworked to a nice clean 4# and a muzzle break gets me into the 2-3" 3 shot group range.
Win white box 40 gr Varmits 2", 68gr BH match 2.5, 69g Sierra MK with 24.2g IMR 4895 <2" for 3, but 3.5" for 5.
Hopefully the bedding instructions and gas port kit will arrive from Mike early this week and will get me down <= 2" on both the light and heavy bullets, eliminate the flyers and stop the hike to the brass. My 1-4 VXll doesn't exactly allow me to hold the best, but I want to use the 1x for tactical games for the up close and personnel stuff. 4x should be plenty good for 300yd B27's, so I am not replacing it.
I think that I will throw a party when I get there............. 1.5-2", 40's to 70's.
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I noticed you did not mention the gas block. Are you going to refit it, or have you already?
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