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Mini14 getting there

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My out of the box gun was giving 6-8" 'groups' at 100 yards. The trigger reworked to a nice clean 4# and a muzzle break gets me into the 2-3" 3 shot group range.
Win white box 40 gr Varmits 2", 68gr BH match 2.5, 69g Sierra MK with 24.2g IMR 4895 <2" for 3, but 3.5" for 5.
Hopefully the bedding instructions and gas port kit will arrive from Mike early this week and will get me down <= 2" on both the light and heavy bullets, eliminate the flyers and stop the hike to the brass. My 1-4 VXll doesn't exactly allow me to hold the best, but I want to use the 1x for tactical games for the up close and personnel stuff. 4x should be plenty good for 300yd B27's, so I am not replacing it.
I think that I will throw a party when I get there............. 1.5-2", 40's to 70's.
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I am hoping to get it in the mail Tuesday and will fit the smaller one when I do the bedding. I don't think it helps accuracy unless there is something related to the hammering that the gun takes from the violent action of the bolt.
Sorry about the brain lapse, it must have out for a break while I replied to the gas block question. My gas block doesn't touch, there is a gap all the way. I am under the impression that in that condition it shouldn't cause much, if any problem. I don't have a good torque wrench at this time and felt that I would pick one up so that I could tighten it evenly. Guess I might as well lap it and measure when I do it because if there is 1/4" or so to be gained, I WANT IT. Thanks again Jim.
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