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Here is a summation of the facts. ARs are picky, pre-madonna, prone to failure 1 Minute Of Jam rifles and Mini-14s are rugged, alot more field worthy, reliable rifles that go bang every time you want it to. I find it so disturbing that US soldiers are issued a rifle that needs to be cleaned multiple times a day under field conditions in order to be reliable. :usa:

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That's funny. I rarely clean my primary AR-15. and it is reliable as hell.

The Bushmaster team doesn't clean their rifles durign the season...

The unreliability of stock (i.e. USGI) M16's comes from the original M16 issued in the early days of Vietnam. That has nothing to do with todays rifle.

On the other hand, AR-15's can jam due to field conditions such as mud or sand in the action. A Mini-14, with a design stolen from the M1 Garand, is much better at resisting crud.

If the guys at your range have problems with AR-15's, it most likely reflects on their attempts to buy a cheap knock-off AR-15 (aka "bottom feeder") in order to get a "cool gun". That's too bad, as this helps the bottom feeders remain in business.

I bought a couple of Colt's in 1999 (both preban, one of which I sold) and let me tell you, they are very reliable.
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