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Mini Thirty scope question

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I currently have a bushnell scope for my mini thirty that came with the rifle when passed down from my father. The rifle is still all original. The problem is the front of the scope rests on the top hand guard. Is this really a problem? I am still able to sight it in and it is secure in place. Thought please?

Thank you!
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If it is just barely touching it at all, no its not really a big problem. If there is any amount of force being applied to the scope from the handguard then yes, it could be a problem.

It could potentially wreck the scope if too much force is being applied to the front of it, and after repeated Mini beatings, something could break.

I didnt say will or will not because there is no way to know. If it seems like its really snug on that handguard then I would get some different height rings. If its just barely touching it then I wouldnt worry about it.

Just my 2 cents
Some have cut a hole in the handguard to clear it. Or just get the right rings and make them quick detachable! Maxima Ruger Rings
My scope touched and it threw it off. I nix'd the ruger rings and went to a Weigland weaver rail which raised it up just enough that it does not touch at all now.
How about a choate hand guard? Sits lower than the factory guard. Looks better and ventilates heat better too.
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