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Mini 30

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I'am looking to buy a mini 30. The ammo is much less than 223 but how well does wolf ammo group out of a bone stock mini 30? Any problems with the varnish coating on the wolf ammo? How easy is it to clean the entire rifle after shooting corrosive ammo? I dont want to buy a 30 and be disapointed.
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The ruger mini 30 my choice also. On ammo I have used wolf ammo its ok but I found a few years ago russian 7.62x39mm 124 gr. hollowpoint comes in a blueand white box marked state unitary enterprise made in russia better made a case here at the gun store down the road is 79.99 per case of 1,000 rds. I like it much better on acurracy and no powder smell as with wolf. Much cleaner ammo,less residue. Singleside out Its all about freedom Watch the video THE ROAD TO TRANNY AT :usa: :rapid:
Hi SATAN 2655 , I really have not found a 7.62x39mm round the mini 30 did not like same for the mini 14 ranch. I just found the other ammo when the gun store changed brands here guess not to many people use this round, then I found out that there is a big market for the 7.62 x39mm the owner of the gun store told me he sold more mini 30s in the last 5 years and that every year he sold more than before he gave one to his son for working the gun shows . Singleside out :usa: :rapid:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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