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The gas port bushing kit and recoil buffer for my Mini-30 came in yesterday from Mike Knifong. Installation was a breeze, except the screws for the gas port housing must have been screwed in by two men and a boy, using a big monkey wrench. In other words, the screws were tight. Anyhow, I got everything installed, torqued down the screws with the small end of the allen wrench. I put in the medium sized port and recoil buffer and took it out to the range. Off sandbags it shot about 1 1/2" 5 shot groups at 50 yds. I don't have an insert in the Williams peepsight, only the big hole which is about the size of the aperature found on the AK-47. But this is good enough for a 3 gun shoot comming up next week at our local club so it will do for now.

But the most outstanding thing was the brass only flipped out to about 6-7 feet from my bench and the bolt locked open after the last round. Earlier, without the bushing kit or recoil buffer, the brass was flying 12 to 13 measured yards. Later, Stan
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