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Mini 30 muzzlebrake

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Can somebody tell me the proper way to install a muzzlebrake. I got a John Masen muzzlebrake from Midway for my Mini 30 and tried to put it on. It came with no instructions. Just by looking at it I thought I'd first have to remove the pin from the front sight then simply slip on the muzzlebrake over it and replace the pin with the longer one. But it seems like it doesn't fit. I can't get it over the front sight. Is it supposed to be really tight. Do I have to take a rubber mallet to it to get on all the way. Or did they send me the wrong muzzlebrake. The small zip lock pouch it came in says Mini 30 muzzlebrake. Please help.

Thanks. Bill S.
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I also have a Mini-30 and got a Masen BW Brake for it. Mine fit very tight - in fact, I didn't need the longer pin. I just banged it on with a 2x4.

In retrospect, and looking closely at how it ended up, I would have been better off taking my Dremel to it, and removing a little material where it was binding up: the split where it wraps around the sight. As it is, it would probably take a wheel puller to get mine off now.
The one I got for my Mini-14 slid right on with a tiny little bit of gap. It actually rings like a bell if you tap it right. One of these days I'll have to shim it to prevent that.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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