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Hey Marcos,
The reduction of the gas bushing will only improve accuracy in this respect; You can adjust the recoil of the mini so low, that you can hold the muzzle on target during rapid fire, i.e. very little muzzle jump, even with a 4x scope, and it reduces the shock on your scope as well as wear & tear on the action. Just on a 1 shot it will do nothing for accuracy.
The gas bushing kit comes with 3 different sizes of gas bushings, so you can adjust the amount of gas which is diverted to the slide rod. The factory bush. orfice is this size ( o ) while the largest of Mikes gas bush is this size ( . ).
The kit comes with instructions. Basicly you remove the 4 gas block screws, swap out the bushing common to the gas piston, and barrel, & reassemble. Loctite (blue) the threads, snug em down evenly to 17 to 25 in lbs with even gap between the gas block halves using a feeler guage, now your done. Very easy!
With my newer mini I had to use the largest size, as with the smallest my mini became a bolt gun. Mike says after my mini breaks in or if I use a hoter load, I can drop down a size. With an older mini, you can use the smallest or middle size.
Note: don't loose the small stuff. Work over a towel etc. so if you drop the bushing you can find it. I kept the factory bush, for just in case.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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