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Mini-14 Ranch Recoil Buffer

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Hello to all in the Perfect Union Forum, especially to Ruger Mini 14 owners. This is my first thread or question I have. I have been reading through the Mini 14 area for a couple of months and have really enjoyed it. I do not own a Mini-14 yet. I am a newbie and will definitely be buying a Mini 14 very soon. I have decided on the .223 caliber, since there are more bullet options and brands compared to the 7.62x39. I won't be hunting anything larger than a coyote and I really like plinking. For my question though, my biggest question, and I've searched all through the forum and can't find a clear specific answer, only relative ones, is all about the Ranch Rifle Recoil Buffer. Since it is only a feature , buffer bushing?, on the Ranch Rifle and not on the standard Mini 14. I'm pretty sure that this means the Ranch Rifle has all around lower recoil and the standard Mini has more recoil. Right ? This is for protecting your scope. Right ? Well, just out of curiosity, can the buffer bushing and cross pin be removed on the Ranch Rifle and be used safely and accurately without it ?? Just so I can feel what the recoil on the standard Mini14 is like. I do want the option of putting a scope on my rifle, so I do want the Ranch version. I will put back the buffer bushing in later and keep it there. I just want to know if it can be removed, as an option. If I were to get the standard Mini 14, I'd probably get the scope mount from B-Square. But from reading the forum, it seems like it isn't reliable enough and that it comes loose and falls off. Well this is enough that I've asked so far. This forum and all the members seem really generous with their information on firearms. Great thing its free. Can't wait till I get that Mini.
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Hey Bill, welcome to the forum. I believe you have some of the mini's nomenclature confused. If I am reading you right.

First let me say the recoil on the std mini, and the Ranch mini; out of box-recoil is the same. We can reduce recoil on all the mini's by reducing the size of the "gas port bushing. " DO ATTEMPT TO FIRE the mini WITH THE "BUFFER BUSHING" REMOVED! I don't believe you could anyway, as this puts tension on the aft end of the Recoil Spring which holds the bolt home. If it did fire it may blow the case, and gasses in your face!:eek:

Installing a smaller gas port bushing greatly reduces recoil, which not only is easier on your scope, it allows you to get off subsequent shots almost as fast as you can squeeze the trigger, as your peep or scope cross hair's stay on the bullseye.

I hope this clears things up for ya.;)
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