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I found these items all in stock at one site.
purchased these all from

81101 Ultralight Bipods, Series 1A2, Solid Base, Model BR, 6-9" $61.97

81109 No. 14 Adapter, Ruger Mini-30 And Mini-14 $19.85

RGR-040 Double Muzzle Break Mini-14 Blue Easy Install $19.97

45646 Leather Sling, Military, 1.25-Inch $17.43

LEG-154 Tactical Rifle Case 42" Black Mini-14, AR-15, $39.97

items i could not find there was the shok buffer
nor williams peep sights for the ranch model

those prices can not be beat unless you only need 1 item
happy shopping for your mini
I am
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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