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I decieded to get out of the Mini-14 buisness so I'm selling all my stuff in one lot:
Stainless "pre-ban" Mini-14 SN# 186-3XXXX with standard stock and non-factory flash hider and sling (have factory box and paperwork)
Ruger Factory stainless folding stock
1ea-5-round factory mag
1ea- 30-round factory mag in the box(never loaded or shot but inserted in gun just to cleanse the soul)
3ea-20 round mags( 1 is precision the others have no brand name)
2ea-30 round mags(neither has a brand name)
3ea-35 round Eagle mags( the see thru kind,but feed well)

So there you go, the whole lot for 850.00. Please let me know if you are interested. And if you know, how to ship it?
[email protected]
P/S - some of the 20/30 rd. mags feed great, some don't. It's been so long since I shot it I can't remember which.
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