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I've had Mini 14 for 30yrs and have accumulated a large quantity of Mini stuff. These magazines were buried deep one of my stashes, I don't know if I have ever used any of them-I always just used a 5rd most of the time. If anyone is interested make an offer.

1-Precision Mag Ind (PMI) 30rd bright Stainless. $50
1-Mitchell arms 30rd dull stainless. $30 spf
4-Blue 30rd-unknown man. $25/ea or 4/$80 spf
1-Blue 20rd Pro Mag $20 spf
1-Blue 20rd unknown man. $20 spf
1-Stainless 20rd, unknown man. $20 spf
3-Blue 10rd unknown man. $20/ea-3/$50 spf
2-Ramline 30rd clear plastic, supposed to fit both Mini 14 and AR15. These look like they have never been inserted $80

$6-shipping on 1-4, $6-insurance if desired. Will not ship to ban states.

Sell all $280 shipped.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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