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for the light/low key portion of my battle rattle I use a Chicom-style chest rig, unfortunately they were designed for 30rd AK mags so even 30rd Mini Mags with magpulls were a bit short so i use PMI/Triple K 40rders. I thinks 20rd mags with slightly longer pulls would work just fine in the 4 pouches of my IIFS Tactical Load Bearing Vest (enhanced) and the same could be said if you use the standard ALICE pouches. But, be sure to cut out the dividing ribbons if using 20's because they can hang up on them.

I know, I prefer the caveman equipment. It may not be as modular or slick, but its affordable and all built like tanks. Not to mention... I prefer to use Surplus but I hate Digital Camo and only recently started accepting MOLLE. Haha
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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