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Hey guys, just made up a little web page about the Mini and posted a few pics of my Mini-14. I hope you like, and I would love to hear any comments about it from you guys!.. Its my little pride and joy! Talk to you guys later.

Here it is:

If you have to type it in your browser, be sure that it is done with a capital "M" in Mini or else it won't find the page.

Oorah and Semper Fi,


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Hey keyper, nice site. Did it take much work to set that up? I liked the link to our bbs forum. Cool!
Hey Cajungeo, thanks for the reply. It didn't take a whole lot to get that site up, its a free service so I figured that I'd make it worth my time and post some stuff about the Mini along with a few pics of my Mini-14. Currently, I'm debating on buying a new factory wood stock for it, and taking my current one and sanding the existing finish off and re-finishing it with a darker color, and maybe try to get the grain to stand out a bit more. I am also thinking about buying a Laminate stock from Clark Custom Guns, but I've only seen pics of the black/grey stock, and not of the brown/brown stock. Also, are they CCG laminated stocks worth the time to buy one? Is there anyone out there who can help me on that subject? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Take care and I'll talk later..........

Semper Fi,


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Nice web site! And free huh! Cool. Ok now for the shameless's mine, and the Perfect Union site will be linked into the site this week-end.

be sure to check out all the links to the others sites. I'll get a digital camera this week-end and post a picture of my SS mini w/factory folder.

"remember happiness is the feel of a full auto!"

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