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Mini-14-How Dependable?

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Quite curious... The "black rifle" crowd likes to bash my Mini-14. The accuracy issue---if it is one---I can deal with. This rifle is for home defence. It's when they claim the rifle isn't robust for serious use, I get steamed. I've never known Ruger to make a fragile weapon. Comments welcome!:D
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Originally posted by treedawg
What problems are you having with your AC556? I'm looking forward to shooting mine after the NFA trsfr. is complete.....I hope this gun isn't a BIG let down. I've had trouble finding people that like them......

Well you found one here ! :D
I've shot several hundred rounds through mine (to be) and haven't had any trouble. It's a fun little gun and I dont think one can make a comparison between it and an AR/M16. Funny thing though... this gun LIKES Wolf ammo and wont run with Q3131a or Santa Barbara SS109.
When you get yours and IF you DONT like it, I can probably turn you on to a buyer.

osprey21 :usa:
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