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I just picked up a factory side fold Mini 14. The previous owner for some reason must have thought you need to take all the screws out of the stock to clean it, because they are gone, and two of the gas block screws to. Any way I have all the screws and such on the way except the cross bolt folder assembly that locks the stock folded.

I called Ruger, but they are taking some time off for the Christmas season. I figure I can probably get the part from them, but I don't want to send my rifle in. I doubt I would have to but I have never dealt with their parts and repair people.

The guy I got it from said they found the assembly on Numrich's web site, but I have yet to find any side fold parts listed, little own available.

So does any one have a cross bolt sitting around, or should I just wait till Wednesday and call Ruger. I'm not known for my patience, especially when it comes to needing parts.
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