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Mini 14/ AR 15?

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Let me start by saying that I know that I'm about to incite a flame war, but I'm not trying to. I'm not trying to ruffle feathers, I'm looking for honest answers. Here we go:

Why is it that when someone asks about pistol grip stocks, quad rails, or other such "tacticool" items, someone always comes swooping in with the classic "stop trying to make the mini 14 into an AR 15", or some variation of that? I know that different people have different tastes, but when someone is looking for information on a product, they're not looking for an opinion about what their rifle was "intended for".

On the flip side, it's very unusual (in my experience) to see the same attitude on other forums. Mechanical limitations are one thing, but but as far as what the rifle can do, I think it rests more on the end user. When a mini owner asks about a pistol grip stock they get the above quoted line about what is and isn't. But when an AR owner asks about a new piston system, people usually (again, just from what I've seen) give them information about the piston system. It might be what they've read, what they've heard, a link they'll share or their personal take on it, but they don't say "stop trying to make the AR 15 into a mini 14".

If someone is trying to improve the functionality of their rifle to best suit their needs, why give them grief? Don't get me wrong, if you know for a fact that the product doesn't work, tell them, but that person is usually looking for advice on the product, not what they should or shouldn't do with their possessions.

Now like I said, I understand that there are those that like traditional wood, and there are those that like newer synthetic. What about those that like both? I've seen plenty of members of this forum who own multiple mini's wearing both wood, and synthetic stocks. Me, I like both.

A while back, a member of the forum came up with a mag release for the mini that could be activated with the index finger of the firing hand, so that the shooter could maintain a positive grip with his firing hand, while his non firing hand grabbed another magazine. I think it's a great idea. When he asked for input, he wasn't looking for reasons it shouldn't be on the mini, he was looking for configuration ideas, i.e. how long, how wide, etc. It improved the functionality of the rifle for people that wanted it. How can that be considered a bad thing?

It seems to me that people get it in their heads that if a mini and an AR share something, its wrong. Why? I've said before, if you don't like a particular aftermarket category, don't stink up the threads dedicated to it. I like pistol grip stocks. I do not like the ATI stock. The grip is too wide for my liking, I don't like finger grooves, and I personally find it ugly. If someone starts a thread about pistol grip stocks, and the ATI comes up, I'll throw my two cents in. I will not, however, troll a thread specifically about ATI stocks. If I didn't like pistol grip stocks in general, I wouldn't comment in the pistol grip stock threads. Any of them.

I know i used the example of pistol grip stocks a lot, but it was the most recent thing on my mind.
Like I said, I know I'm going to start a war, and there is going to be a ridiculous amount of people disagreeing with me, but I'm really just looking for an answer to this: Why the animosity to people who like to modify their mini 14's into something that shares a few similarities with AR 15's?

I await the flame war...
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I have seen a Ford Tempo with 240,000 miles on the original engine and the owner claimed " it just won't quit! :lol:"

how long do you expect the average Ford tempo would last, dear sir? :blink:
Don't know. Not sure what your point is?

I asked this question because you had chosen 3,000 rds as the typical life of a firing pin. I was simply asking how you chose that particular number.

And I'm still wondering... Any reason why you haven't answered?

If someone made a similar statement re: Ford Tempos, I'd have asked the same thing. Especially if the estimate seemed absurdly low. But if you have any evidence to back up your assertion, I'll be interested to hear it.

Otherwise, I'm forced to conclude that you pulled it out of... thin air

??? I'm waiting...
My thinking on ruger firing pins breaking is for every one person that has it happen, there are ten who don't. Nobody posts about a firing pin that didn't break. Why would they?
A buddy of mine was selling a few guns. One being a 182 stainless mini in an ATI stock. Perfect condition, shot really well and reasonable accuracy just a bit over 2MOA if I was trying hard. Along with 2 factory 30s and 2 factory 20s, all for $400. No brainer to me really!!
For what I need it for; a bit of range fun and 'just-in-case' in 5.56, it was ideal.
I also know that if I buy an AR it will cost me at least $2000 as I never stop at the gun, I would put all sorts of crap on it, cos that's what you have to do with an AR; it's the way of the [Mall] ninja:lol: I mean, I've even got a Trijicon (RMR) on my Marlin lever!!
...What grinds my gears is the majority of the arguments against the Mini 14 aren't even valid, or are just wrong.

#1 The mini 14 is almost the same price as an AR15, and the mags are more expensive.

-Out of the box this isn't even close. (except for the mags, which are a little pricey but are well made) a piston AR is in the $1400 range, and that is the closest AR that I would compare to the mini as far as I'm concerned.
I always hear that argument about magazine cost whenever the subject of Mini's and AR's comes up, or even Mini's and AK's for that matter.

My answer to that is: "Just how many do you think you need?"

Or put another way: THEY ARE REUSABLE!

When they run empty, you fill them up again, over and over!

And If cared for, they should last the life of the rifle itself, or at least as long as the recoil and hammer springs do.

And if the springs do wear out, you replace them, just like you would replace the magazine spring in a clip fed, fixed magazine rifle.

A non-issue as far as I'm concerned.
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I agree, I own 4 20rdrs and 2 30rndrs which I amassed buying 1-2 weekly for a month. I went to Hoffmans Gun site, $19.95 new factory Ruger mags which I found on a link here at PU. I am amazed they can sell them this low, the price of steel is constantly going up. Speaking of which they are constructed really well, at least the Ruger ones are, and aren't made of plastic and still weigh nothing. I am done buying mags, from here on out all im spending my $$$ on is bulk federal 5.56. That is only $5 more than AR mags. It is an argument that has really nothing to do with the actual firearm either. Did you watch the video? It bothers me the guys says "Im not trying to stir up a big argument or anything" at the beginning then proceeds to do exactly that, using one bunk argument after another.
And If cared for, they should last the life of the rifle itself, or at least as long as the recoil and hammer springs do.

And if the springs do wear out, you replace them, just like you would replace the magazine spring in a clip fed, fixed magazine rifle.
Quality magazine springs last decades. I've heard of WWII M1911 mags that have been loaded for 50 years, and functioned when put in a pistol and shot. And yes, you can easily replace the springs. Wolff springs for the Mini's are available for less than $8.
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