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I have a SS Mini with wood and one 186 Ranch Rifle featuring lots of mods and the Tapco INTRAFUSE stock in OD green. I like both, in a nutshell. It just depends. I needed a tactical style rifle with a pistol grip, with less weight, a collapsible stock, a flashlight, foregrip and single point sling for my 3 gun drills and run and gun style practicing. So .. I did that instead of spending the money on another AR.

I have a wood AK. I have a wood MINI. I have a wood Stevens Savage 22 .. and even a wood MAK-90. I also have many synthetic and polymer framed guns. In the end, it just depends on what I need and when. Different situations call for different weapons!

Will never understand folks who give you hate for modifying a firearm to your required specs. I love the wood mini .. but I REALLY do like how my OD green TAPCO Mini looks as well! It just goes back to functionality, desire, and needs at any given time. With my various options, I have different ways to go.
1 - 2 of 67 Posts
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